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Conservation and Restoration

With over 20 years of professional work in the field of stained glass conservation and restoration, I have performed all levels of repair, restoration, and conservation work on small residential pieces as well as large-scale architectural projects.  The standards and general philosophy of restoration work may be consistent, with a preference toward minimal intervention, and reversible changes, but each project has its own details and nuances which much be carefully considered.  I can provide a condition assessment of a damaged piece, and discuss which measures are most appropriate, so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. 


Custom Work

I work closely with each client to develop designs that complement and transform homes, public spaces, and places of worship.  Incorporating stained glass into your space can provide beauty and inspiration, as well as serving practical needs such as softening the light or providing privacy.  My extensive library of design resources includes collections of my own original drawings and sketches, as well as historical and traditional designs, to help clients imagine the possibilities and potential of stained glass.

Conservation and Restoration of Historical Stained Glass
Original Stained Glass Art

For more design resources and inspiration, visit me on Pinterest , where I've put together a collection of idea boards showcasing historical stained glass artists and styles, as well as interior design applications for stained glass in the home, along with a sampling of some of my favorite design influences from nature and the decorative arts.

Autonomous Work

I produce a series of small, original panels, available for sale through various studio events and art shows throughout the year.  Click here for a calendar of events.